Absenteeism Guidance

Whether an employee stops coming to work due to illness or conflict; The Boys of HR handle it.

We make sure you get a company doctor who understands you as a business owner. We arrange case management in its full complexity and diversity. We bill the costs of these outside experts on a cost basis. For all the arrangements surrounding these third-party experts, you have The Boys!

What do The Boys of HR take off your hands:

The Boys from HR provide absence management, including gatekeeper monitoring. Listed below are the things we take care of for you:

  • Sick and recovery notifications

  • We enter the sick call into the registration system.

  • We conduct absence interviews for you.

  • We report the absenteeism interviews.

  • We take care of the rules and procedures regarding the absence protocol.

  • After 6 weeks of an employee’s illness, we prepare a problem analysis.

  • After 8 weeks of illness, we come up with a plan of action.

  • We conduct progress interviews.

  • If necessary, we keep the reintegration file and also keep a record of it.

  • We report the sick leave to the UWV.

  • We will do our best to make sure your employee is usable again.

  • We apply for WIA if necessary.