This is who are: De Jongens van HR, the HR Guys. Although we can be girls as well, of course. The decisive kind of people, that make you feel covered, taken care of. Confident, involved, close by: the Guys you give a call when you need them.

Our door is always open. For advice, direction, daily struggles, or just a cup of coffee. Because the HR Guys are also just guys after all.

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Het Kantoor

Je kan ons hier vinden.


One of the Guys

David. Calls himself very sympathetically "One of the Guys," but is more like the boss. Comes from a successful business family. Studied labor law in Utrecht. Soon became responsible for the 200+ employees in the family business. And learnt that way how incredibly important human capital is to a company. But... He needed to go his own way. To pioneer by himself, prove himself. Ah well..

His entrepreneurial spirit, background in labow law, experience in the field of payrolling, and his love for HR made David start De Jongens van HR. Because that's where it all comes together.

Would you like to learn more about David's views of the HR Business? Check out our Wall.

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