Why? Because We Truly Love Start-ups (and Scale-ups)!

The Guys know exactly how it feels to work for large corporations. These companies have existed for years, are dyed-in-the-wool, and have seen most of it. It's incredibly impressive to run a company where hundreds of people work.

But what the Boys enjoy even more is discovering new things, solving problems of which they did not yet know, and meeting new people. Something Startups do every day! This is precisely what gives our business extra luster: working on new cases with every company in our portfolio. Always on the get-go to have the opportunity to resolve new issues and improve unknown processes. Being a Startup every time, within a Startup. How awesome is this, right? But even more importantly: it keeps us, Guys, sharp, and our unique experience makes it possible to give other Startups a head-start. Everyone wins.

And that's why the Boys present: Free Consultancy Hours for Startups (& Scaleups). Of course you would want that! So, join us and send an email to eenvandejongens@dejongensvanhr.nl.

P.S. We'll come to you. Are you in an awesome building with an active community? Let us know! We'd love to help even more entrepreneurs and businesses with our free consultancy hours.

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