The Court ruled on a case in which an employer tried to circumvent the chain arrangement for successive employership. It states that, as an employee, you are entitled to an employment contract for an indefinite period after three temporary contracts or after two years of employment.

After the third temporary contract, the employee in question received a contract with a payroll company. The employee continued to perform the same work for his (now actual) employer. The payroll company terminates employment after six months.

The employee disagreed and claimed employment with his original employer, the taxi company. The Court agreed with the employee saying the payroll construction was used purely and only to circumvent the chain arrangement.

De Jongens van HR also have a payroll branch. We understand that employers are looking certainty and risk spreading. However, we don't identify with the way in which payrolling is often 'used'. We don't view the "dumping the case with the payroller and no longer dealing with any of the responsibilities" situation not as a way to work. Just like this case showed.

With payrolling, us 'Guys' become the employer. A responsibility that you cannot take lightly. We do not cooperate with constructions to circumvent a chain arrangement. However, supporting entrepreneurs and managing their flexible shell is the way we do business.

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