We take good care of your HR department. But, even the Guys run into things. We often visit growing companies, whether these are start-ups, scale-ups or established SME companies: growth is often the common denominator. And that growth requires organisation.

The HR demands change along with this growth. More employees also entail more contracts, more sick leave, more time registration, more payroll administration, and more disputes. But also: more coaching of colleagues, meetings about salary increases, more work spaces to decorate for birthdays, and more fun moments to celebrate at the office.

The Guys think everyone should be able to what he/she is good at and loves to do. For HR professionals this often comes down to the interaction with the employees, making someone feel welcome and at home within the organisation. Making sure he or she receives the best and right guidance. Employer Branding has never been so populair, after all.

If that interaction is the most important for an HR professional, why not make sure they most time doing so? De Jongens van HR can make that happen for you. We divide the tasks and structure processes. More contact on the human-side for you, we'll take care of the business-side. Nothing but winners.

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