The Balanced Labor Market Act (hereinafter the WAB), great name, and great Dutch abbreviation as well: WAB. But what does it entail? After the Dutch House of Representatives agreed to the Act, the Dutch Senate passed it now too. As per January 1, 2020, the WAB is designed to balance the permanent and the flexible...

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We take good care of your HR department. But, even the Guys run into things. We often visit growing companies, whether these are start-ups, scale-ups or established SME companies: growth is often the common denominator. And that growth requires organisation.

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Position: De Jongens van HR - Partner
Duration: Indefinite
Salary indication: Priceless

The Guys aren't looking for clients, we're only looking for partners. We accept the challenges within the field of HR together with the employers. We're currently looking for partners in all industries.

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Free consultancy hours!

Why? Because We Truly Love Start-ups (and Scale-ups)!

The Guys know exactly how it feels to work for large corporations. These companies have existed for years, are dyed-in-the-wool, and have seen most of it. It's incredibly impressive to run a company where hundreds of people work.

Maar wat de Jongens nog veel leuker vinden is nieuwe dingen ontdekken, problemen oplossen waarvan zij het bestaan nog niet wisten en nieuwe mensen leren kennen. Iets wat Startups iedere dag opnieuw doen! …

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Subscription HR Services

De Jongens van HR keep launching awesome products. As of today, we are your HR department - as a subscription! We'll help you whenever you need it. We're here with advice and assistance...

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Yes, we are live! After years of hard work and sleepless nights, our site and socials are finally here (check LinkedIn & Facebook). Just kidding! This piece of perfection was created in just two months. And we're so PROUD. A great idea, clear vision, and ...

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The Court ruled on a case in which an employer tried to circumvent the chain arrangement for successive employership. It states that, as an employee, you are entitled to an employment contract for an indefinite period after three temporary contracts or after two years of employment.

After the third temporary contract, the employee in question received a contract with a payroll company. The employee continued to perform the same work for his (now actual) employer. The payroll company terminated...

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Studied labor law in Utrecht and started his career in the family business. He fell in love with HR and started a payroll branch as an extension of the company. Entrepreneurship is in his DNA. No wonder he decided to start his own business: De Jongens van HR.

David Schimmel calls himself 'One of the Guys,' but is more like the boss. "Human Capital is key to the success of every entrepreneur. So it makes sense that you take good care of your employees. And it's completely crazy that not every entrepreneur does so." according to David at the start of this conversation...

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