Employee benefits

In today’s job market, it is sometimes difficult to attract or retain employees. Perhaps you recognize this yourself by the multitude of messages you receive from recruiters with just that one job exactly for you.

Employee benefits make the difference. Some benefits are regulated in the collective bargaining agreement and are therefore mandatory, in addition, as a company you also have the freedom to provide additional benefits yourself.

The Boys from HR like to go the extra mile and see with you what is possible within the framework. This could include mobility, vitality and work life balance.

With a good benefits package, you know how to attract employees, retain them and act as ambassadors for your organization.

Pension plan:

The legislation surrounding retirement is complex. The demand for a pension plan varies by company. The Boys from HR does not advise on a pension plan itself, but we do have lasting partnerships with Brand New Day, for example.

We are concerned with the following points for you:

  • We make sure your company is registered with the appropriate pension fund.

  • We arrange payment toward the pension fund.

  • We take all necessary communication towards the pension fund.

  • We lovingly answer any questions employees may have.

  • We can calculate the pension back to a flat rate for workable hours only.

  • We sign employees off and on and then process the changes with the pension fund.