De Jongens van HR.
It's meant exactly the way it sounds.
Close by, informal, to the point, capable.
The kind of guys you give a call when you need them.

De Jongens van HR.
The guys who enable your growth by framing and managing risk.
The guys who sincerely enjoy everything involved with HR.

De Jongens van HR
Wensen je veel personeel.


De Jongens van HR believe everyone has their own talent. And we believe you should be able to do what you like most. For most entrepreneurs this means seeing opportunity where others see none, creating, and taking risks. Working with a drive like no-one else. For us Guys, this talent involves everything that has to do with employees and HR. Because we're damn good at it. That's why we love taking charge of the HR department of your company. So you can do what you, as an entrepreneur or director, are best at. That's how your employees win too. Because the Guys believe that's the way it's supposed to be.


We give priority (back) to employees. Because they make it work. How we do this? By being the most innovative, involved, and state-of-the-art remote HR department. We enable employees to excel and coach our clients intensively on how to work best with human capital, laws and regulations, and HR systems. We do all of this to ensure the employees and our client will work happily ever after. Nice Guys, right?


We prefer to take charge of your entire HR organisation. When employees are on our payroll, we refer to YAYrolling. We're talent strategists, labor lawyers, and HR advisors all rolled into one. We proactively think with you when it comes down to innovation and how to deal with a difficult situation. Even better: we solve it for you. As we know entrepreneurs aim to be flexible and want to be in charge of their business, we divided our service in parts. This way, they can choose exactly what they need at that moment in time. Always, with the possibility to extend the service range.

De Jongens know what it takes to be entrepreneurs. They know the game, feel the tension, and understand the priorities.


Act now? Call, text, or mail us and we'll be in touch with you today.



Tighter corona measures have recently been announced. These measures have major consequences for our society. Employees notice the impact of this in their home situation, on the road or at work.

In doing so, employers must demonstrate entrepreneurship and anticipate the measures.


We take good care of your HR department. But, even the Guys run into things. We often visit growing companies, whether these are start-ups, scale-ups or established SME companies: growth is often the common denominator. And that growth requires organisation.

The HR demands change along with this growth. More employees also entail more contracts, more sick leave, more time registration, more payroll administration, and more disputes. But also: more coaching of colleagues, meetings about salary increases, more work spaces to decorate for birthdays, and more fun moments to celebrate at the office.



Are you De Jongens' new Lead Generator? Treat yourself! We're looking for:

  • Partners to map different HR issues in as many industries as possible.
  • Potential partners to whom we can deliver our HR services;
  • Start-ups to share the story of their journey to enrepreneurship, and what role HR has fulfilled in that path.

Of course there's a nice reward, we're no bad Guys. A lot of love, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquo (our favorite).

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