De Jongens van HR keep launching awesome products. As of today, we are your HR department - as a subscription!
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  • Employee onboarding
  • Personnel administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Integration with bookkeeping software
  • Case management
  • Legal counseling

Employee onboarding

De Jongens van HR offer top quality and all-inclusive service, which starts with the contracting process of new employees. We ask our clients to only provide us with the basic information, De Jongens will take care of the rest. We provide a complete personnel file that is compliant with all laws and regulations. De Jongens always deliver a strong employment contract and ensure to frame all risks concerned.

In case the laws and regulations change, De Jongens make sure your legal framework changes along. We ensure everything is legally compliant and monitor change at all times.

Additional to this legal side HR, De Jongens also wish to make a difference on the ‘soft side’. Three days before your new employee starts at their new position within your company, we send flowers as a warm welcome. Also, a personal card, signed by all colleagues, can be part of this package. This service is provided at cost.

Personnel administration

De Jongens record everything that needs to be recorded in your personnel administration. No more worrying about payroll tax declaration, identification, company cars driven privately, driving licenses, and the expiry dates of these documents. De Jongens make sure all necessary documents are registered and recorded, so you can focus on what you’re best at: running your business.

Payroll administration

De Jongens provide all-inclusive service when it comes to payroll administration: hours worked, pay slips, and management information. We provide you with payment files and accountability reports, all the information needed to pay your employees and assess staff development. Happy employee, happy management. De Jongens van HR are entrepreneurs, we know where to find financial benefits for your company: less tax and more pay for you. In order to achieve this maximum benefit, we wish to be actively involved in your company. With regard to current affairs, but also regarding your future plans.

Integration with bookkeeping software

De Jongens deliberately work with different suppliers, as we wish to create an optimal mix of resources and professionals in order to provide maximum service for your company. We therefore only work with ICT solutions that are easily linked to the products of other suppliers you may use.

De Jongens automated the process for transferring payroll data to the bookkeeper, making it very easy for your accountant to include the wages and salaries in your financial accounting.

Case management

De Jongens manage all legal HR cases in its full complexity and diversity. Whether an employee no longer comes to work due to illness or conflict: we’ll take care of it for you. Laws and regulations may force us to engage (external) experts, such as company doctors or mediators. We ensure your company doctor understands you as an entrepreneur. And, in many cases, De Jongens have beneficial price agreements with these external experts.

De Jongens invoice this service at cost price.

Legal counseling

(Court) cases regarding legal HR? We like it, and we’re good at it. De Jongens take care of all communication on employee-related matters up to, but not including, representation in court. De Jongens will be able to bring the majority of these legal cases to a successful conclusion without the intervention of a judge. This will save you a lot of hassle and head-ache, but also a lot of money.

When you decide to keep De Jongens van HR actively involved in your company, as an HR partner, the success rate of legal HR cases increases significantly. A court case is won in the preliminary stage, by forming a case in time and building up a file before a problem arises. When you decide to form a case at the moment the other party reports a conflict, you’re limited to damage control. That’s not only a waste of your time and money, but also very unnecessary. Lucky for you, De Jongens are here to help.


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