A few weeks ago, we posted a poll related to how to operate after the corona pandemic. A whopping 77% expressed his desire to continue to combine working from home and in the office in the future. This is also indicated by the term “hybrid working.” Hybrid work is expected to become one of the criteria by which employees judge a company.


A large proportion of employees especially see the benefits of working from home. The main reasons cited is having a flexible schedule that makes work-life balance easier. It reduces commuting stress, but also creates a better carbon footprint because by working hybrid you structurally reduce commuting to and from work and this results in a reduction in carbon emissions.


The biggest disadvantage of hybrid working is the communication problems when someone works from home. Platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Google meet offer a solution for quick instant consultations and communication with colleagues, but at the same time they also create another problem, which is a glut of digital messages. This distracts, causes loss of concentration and slows down work.

TOP TIPS for remote communication

It is nice for both parties when communication is good. Therefore, here are a few tips to improve communication within your team:

  1. Schedule update meetings.
  2. Give your employees space to catch up with each other.
  3. Organize brainstorming sessions.
  4. Make sure you use the right tools.

TOP TIPS for keeping home-based employees productive

As an employer, you naturally want your employees to be as productive as possible from whatever location they are working from. That’s why we also have a few tips here to keep your employees productive when working from home:

  1. Give your employees the right tools.
  2. Give your employees more recognition.
  3. Focus on the results and less on the processes.
  4. Communicate in two directions.
  5. Trust your employees.