The past year has been an important year regarding digital transformation. Even though the world was at a slight standstill, work could continue with the help of technology. Technology is also playing an increasing role in our sector, Human Resources. It helps simplify processes and saves time and money. The Boys from HR recently entered into a joint venture. Together with our partner, we have developed a platform that can digitally tie together virtually all HR tools (using APIs). With this, the benefits just mentioned are immediately effective. David Schimmel, founder of The Boys of HR, talks more about the partnership in this interview.

What exactly is an API?

API links allow software systems to communicate with each other. In the world of Human Resources, this is important because it actually affects workflow efficiency and speed. Consider, for example, the communication between recruitment software and the on-boarding system. Through an API link, these two systems are connected, allowing information to be transmitted automatically from one system to the other. In this way a connection can be created between, for example, a scheduling system or roster, the employee’s salary payment and its administration. This process can be done completely automatically through API links, no more employees need to be involved.

Can you tell something about the API links at The Boys of HR?

Right now, there is a lot of financial demand for APIs. In fact, these links can take a lot of work off your hands. More and more companies are steering based on numbers from these API links. From The Boys, we make sure that connection between contract administration and payroll is there by default. In addition, there is a link between payroll and financial records. For many company-specific systems, we have a large number of links ready to use.

We can easily support business systems using software we have developed. This means we can interface with any system because the basics are already in place.

How did this joint venture come about?

At The Boys, we noticed that new APIs were constantly being developed. Therefore, we were eager to start a joint venture in this area. For this collaboration, the focus would be on HR-related software. This required our own HR development team. From this team it became possible to create an established base so that we could interface with any business system.

The cooperation started on the basis of a long-term relationship. This means that we will continue to strengthen and support each other as partners. We enrich each other in terms of knowledge and network. We are both ambitious in our specialty: HR and ICT. Bringing the two together creates something of value.

What is the importance of this collaboration?

There is no “all in one” software package that can do everything. In addition, different companies work with different types of software. It is therefore important to develop software that can link all those things together. Connecting systems opens up a world of possibilities. At The Boys, we have created one format that can fit any system. This also allows it to move with you in times of change. Our solution eliminates the need to develop a separate API for each business system.

How can using this API software simplify work in an enterprise?

The entire recruitment and selection process, right down to the on-boarding of employees, can be fully automated. In addition, the entire monthly processing and recording of hours and salaries can be taken over. In this way, many tasks that normally take a lot of time can be taken out of your hands. This leaves you as an employer with more time and money to focus on business. The connection between the various business systems creates a better overview in figures. As a result, bottlenecks can be identified more easily, and goals achieved more quickly.

Our smart API links drive business growth. Not only because it takes administrative work off your hands, but also because it gives more insight into the various processes within the company. In this way, these processes can be designed as efficiently as possible.

What is the result of this new tool?

Besides being able to easily connect systems and increase scalability, more is possible thanks to this joint venture. The new linkage allows us to work in a solution-oriented way. This means that potential bottlenecks are more easily resolved because they come to light more quickly. By working with an overall framework that we can plug things into, we can continually evolve. This also eliminates the need for outside parties. This benefits a company greatly in the long run.

In what ways does this tool contribute to the growth of The Boys of HR?

This partnership allows us as The Boys of HR to grow with our clients. We are even more involved internally and can control how we handle data as a result. We are now at the front of the wagon as an HR partner. This allows us to take the lead more. With this development, we will also attract new customers because we can connect to any business system. This makes a partnership with The Boys even more interesting for potential clients.

We have the ability, thanks to this new link, to support not only customers with missing APIs (software), but also customers who want to excel within their market. We are there for parties who lack almost nothing, but want to make a real improvement. We add value to these types of clients.

What are further future plans in terms of (API) links?

Currently, we are working on financial reporting. This is in high demand right now. Customers like to have insight into what the personnel costs are relative to the entire turnover. In addition, more and more relations want to have a better grip on sales figures and financial records. Through our API, we want to start streamlining these financial processes and make financial administration even more manageable.