Position: Business Partner
Duration: Indefinite
Salary indication: Priceless

The Guys aren't looking for clients, we're only looking for partners. We accept the challenges within the field of HR together with the employers. We're currently looking for partners in all industries.

We're looking for an indefinite number of partners, because we believe that HR service can and should be improved, generally speaking. As our partner, you can focus on what you should be focussing on: your business. De Jongens van HR take care of everything you, as an entrepreneur or director, shouldn't be worrying about: The administrative and legal aspects of your HR department.

Your tasks::

  • Run your business carefree;
  • Involve De Jongens van HR in your (strategic) plans for today and for the future.
  • Make full use of the opportunities offered by employees.
  • Hand over all risks concerning employment to the Guys.


  • are an entrenpreneur and would like to focus more on the things you love doing most;
  • love to brainstorm or bounce ideas off of other entrepreneurs;
  • are familiar with the risks of hiring people and managing employees, and would love to turn these risks into opportunities;
  • want what's best for your employees.
  • want to have all your HR-related matters fixed for a competitive price, but also understand that quality does have a price tag.

Do you recognize yourself in the profile above? We warmly invite you to apply.

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