Studied labor law in Utrecht and started his career in the family business. He fell in love with HR and started a payroll branch as an extension of the company. Entrepreneurship is in his DNA. No wonder he decided to start his own business: De Jongens van HR.

David Schimmel calls himself 'One of the Guys,' but is more like the boss. "Human Capital is key to the success of every entrepreneur. So it makes sense that you take good care of your employees. And it's completely crazy that not every entrepreneur does so." according to David at the start of this conversation.

How will you become the best employer there's ever been for everyone on your YAYroll?
D: "1. The base is: you live by the agreements that you make together. The systems that I use will always ensure that this happens correctly. 2. The way I communicate with my employees is in an open, transparent, and straight forward manner. And easy to reach. If there is anything, I am only a phone call or text away from you. For example: Want to expense your receipts? Text or Whatsapp us and we'll fix it for you. 3. We prefer to work alongside the entrepreneur, as his or her 'fun brothers.' Do you want to grow? We'll do everything we can to achieve that. Optimize, optimize, optimize in support of your goals. "

How do you see the future of Human Resources?
D: "The growing economy is forcing HR to (continue to) develop at a rapid pace. Which is exciting, but also demands quite a bit from companies. There's a major challenge in the field of ​​HR data and systems, for example, but also with regard to sustainable employability. Companies will no longer be able to bring in employees and retain them with just a big salary. The atmosphere within the company is becoming increasingly important: whether you feel comfortable there, if you have a good connection with your coworkers, and if your position continues to challenge you. The focus of HR must make a switch, from traditional "personnel matters" to people management. "

What do you think entrepreneurs are most likely to mess up when it comes to HR?
D: "Hire an HR employee who is not involved with Human Resources but with payroll administration. The only thing they should be dealing with is how happy everyone is. By being involved, detecting problems early, and by having structural conversations. Employees experience a feeling of not being seen (too) often. Another matter entrepreneurs often go wrong, is keeping their (salary) administration in-house. The coworker that is responsible for the payroll administration doesn't think like an entrepreneur does. Although it may seem like it in that moment, the entrepreneur doesn't always benefit from the step that seems the most logical step at that time. The Guys start a conversation with the entrepreneur and from there we'll determine -together- what the actual best steps for the future are."

What's the best way to build your HR department?
D: "the right IT and HR software is extremely important these days. Make sure to take care of all of this first, it'll make your company scalable and future-proof. Standardize everything. I often hear entrepreneurs say "this doesn't work for my company" or "I want to control it myself". It is not convenient and not safe to solve it yourself, these entrepreneurs are fooling themselves. Outsource it with an external party, with someone who actually knows how to solve the issues involved. That's how you know for sure that there's someone who always provides you with an up-to-date administration and keeps your data accessible and organized super tightly. "

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